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3 page custom website from - 149 (including 12 months domain name registration & 12 months hosting!)
Fully functional custom ecommerce website with back end admin control only 700 (including 12 months domain name registration & 12 months hosting!)
Website renewal fees (Domain name registration & hosting) just 60 per year!
Contact me now for a free no obligation quote - You tell me what you want and I'll give you a price, simple!

Hi!, I am a freelance web designer and online shop/store designer offering cost effective bespoke web design and website services - based in Bolton - North West UK. 

Why choose me to develop your website?

Over the years I've heard quite a few stories of people having been let down by the web designer that they have commissioned to develop a particular project i.e. once the project is complete and the web designer has been paid then he or she simply disappears! This can turn out to be a big problem especially when the website inevitably needs updating - My theory is that a website is never 'finished' and that it remains a work in progress and for this reason I am always only a telephone call or an email away from my clients.

You could use a large web design company to develop your site, but a lot of these 'companies' are only middlemen and what actually happens is these companies will merely outsource the work to a freelance web designer - and of course the middlemen will want their cut and this extra cost is then put on to you! By contacting me directly you're skipping the middleman and getting your projects accomplished by an ACTUAL website designer and for a fraction of the cost!


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